Seconds Dessert Plates in White with Gold Splatters (set of two)

Suite One Studio

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*Reduced by 10% these plates are minimally flawed with only a slight streakiness to the painted gold rims. This streakiness comes from an uneven gold application and is often not even visible unless the light hits just right. Compared to our usual plates this is an inconsistency and the plates are discounted to reflect this difference. These plates are a great reduced price option for bloggers! All plates shown in the styled images are seconds plates.

A set of two hand-formed porcelain dessert plates featuring an ivory white glaze on the interior surface and finished with genuine gold. Each plate is decorated with gold splatters in its own unique pattern.

The exteriors are unglazed and sanded smooth to provide tactile contrast and interest. The organic edges are decorated with a hand painted, wavering gold rim. The gold is fired onto the plate in the kiln for durability, creating a surface that is safe for food contact.


Approx. 6.25" wide

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