Seconds Ellipse Platter in Tourmaline with Gold Splatters

Suite One Studio

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*Reduced by 15% due to minor imperfections including: one platter has a tiny gold smudge on one of the gold splatters. The other platter has two small indents on the unglazed underside where a drop of glaze fused to the kiln shelf during firing resulting in a dent in the clay that has been smoothly sanded.

Handmade from smooth white porcelain, our versatile Ellipse Platter is covered with a watercolor layer in deep Tourmaline. This hue is the perfect balance between a rich green and a deep, inky blue, making it the perfect partner for our signature Rose glaze and genuine gold accents. Each platter is finished with celebratory gold splatters and a wavering, hand painted gold rim.

The watercolor pooling of this glaze creates a beautifully varied surface. Where it is darkest the glaze is nearly black and mirror-like giving way to gradually lighter areas where the white porcelain is barely visible beneath the translucent glaze.The exterior remains unglazed and is sanded to a smooth finish for tactile contrast and easy, slip-free handling.


11.5" long by 7.5" wide by .75" tall

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