• Anthropologie + Suite One Studio Mimira Mug Love

    4 comments / Posted by Lindsay Emery

    Have you seen my collection with Anthropologie? Feminine details, gold flourishes, watercolor glazes, and organic shapes; it's everything Suite One Studio is known for. What makes this collection so special is that the entire process is pure collaboration between Anthropologie and Suite One Studio. I'll continue to share details about our partnership in upcoming posts, for now I want to take you behind the scenes to talk specifically about the Mimira Mug.

    One quick look at the Suite One Studio site and it's clear that this is a mug-free zone. As a trained potter I know how to make mugs, but for years I've intentionally kept them out of my collection. Weird, right? Well, my reasoning is simple-- I really hate making mugs! They're so time intensive to do correctly, and porcelain is a tricky clay, especially when adding attachments like handles. Even though I didn't offer mugs for sale on the site, I was still making them on my own time and obsessing about the tiniest details (angle of the rim, thickness of the lip, roundness of the belly so it fits perfectly in hand), hoping to find a way to offer them in the future.

    When Anthropolgie asked if I'd ever considered making a mug, I was all, "Umm yes. And I have samples at the ready. Let's do this!" The final mug is the result of our collaborative design process and rounds of sampling that began with the handmade originals I sent to the Anthropologie home team. (Continue reading to learn more about how I approach collaborations and use partnerships to grow my business!)

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  • Suite Holiday Dates

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    Happy Holidays! In the studio we're humming along to carols (okay, bellowing along with our favorite Pandora mix, not sure Bing appreciates it but we're having a blast) as we finish up the last few firings of the season and pack gifts for some lucky ducks. There are a few last minute holiday deadlines and special events that we want to take a moment to share with you.

    Final Restock for Holiday Shipping (arrives by 12/24 via USPS within the US):

    Monday, 12/19 at 7 PM EST (no Tuesday restock)

    Last Day to Order for Holiday Shipping (arrives by 12/24 via USPS within the US):

    Tuesday, 12/20 11:59 PM EST

    Regular Tuesday Restocks Resume:

    Tuesday, 12/27 at 7 PM EST

    Shipping Resumes (orders placed between 12/21-12/27):

    Thursday 12/29

    We're not closing the shop this year, but please note that orders placed 12/21-12/27 will not ship until the ship resume date, 12/29. After that we'll be on our usual turnaround time-- more info here on the FAQ page. If you have any questions, please reach out. We love hearing from you!: hello@suiteonestudio.com

    Happy Holidays and thank you for another amazing season! Did you receive Suite One Studio this year? We'd love to see! Tag us on instagram at #suiteonestudio to join the gallery!


    Get The Look:

    Burlap Tray in White with Gold Splatters

    Dessert Plates in White with Gold Rim

    Ring Dish in Tourmaline

    Ring Dish in Rose

    Ring Dish in White with Gold Splatters

    Fairy Lights

    Pink Glass Ornaments


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  • Things We Love: Miu Miu's First Fragrance! 7 Holiday Sins: Wrath

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    The holidays are all about indulgence. The dieter throws caution to the wind, partaking in gluttonous proportions. The minimalist suddenly feels the lure of consumerism and the lustful urge to spend, spend, spend. We feel envy for the things we wanted but didn't receive, pride for our shiniest gift of all, and greed for everything we'll be putting those gift cards toward, like asap. We daydream of those lazy, slothful days we'll spend lounging around with nothing but our newest gadgets and loved ones by our sides. And let's not forget wrath. It may not be the most obvious of the 7 Holiday Sins, but it's totally there... if we look for it.

    Miu Miu's 7 Holiday Sins campaign embraces the stunning, playful contradictions synonymous with their brand. Their designs are elegant yet spunky, edgy yet demure, refined yet boldly fresh. Their new fragrance is a direct extension of this beautiful contradiction, both in scent and in appearance. Atop the seemingly soft, quilted, opaque blue glass bottle sits a bright, translucent red disc. A daring visual juxtaposition, the design works. Not only that, it's a total showstopper.

    Similarly, the scent is traditionally alluring, with sensual floral Lily of the Valley and the earthy, peppery Akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. It's sophisticated, sensual, mysterious, youthful and fun. The perfect contradictory balancing act that just works.

    As for wrath at the holidays it's there in that same wonderfully contradictory way. It's in the sour sting of the perfectly-in-season pomegranate; in the torch fire bubbling, caramelizing, and burning the delicate layer of sugar atop crème brûlée; and it's there in the violent cutting, dicing, and chopping behind each and every, gloriously golden holiday meal.

    Celebrate those beautiful contradictions in your life with Miu Miu's tantalizing fragrance. The perfect holiday indulgence for yourself or your favorite friend!

    xoxo Lindsay

    This post is sponsored by Miu Miu. Here at Suite One Studio we only share products we love and messages we value.

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  • DIY Holiday Card Display Board

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    The holiday season is here (cue inner thoughts about how on earth it's already December!?) and with it the happy flood of holiday cards. I haven't quit mastered the whole minimalism thing, plus I'm sentimental to boot, so I like to hold onto greeting cards, at least for the season. I've tried displaying them on the fridge, counter, mantle, etc but the joyous cluster always ends up looking like a jumbled paper mess.

    This year I decided to tackle this annual card clutter by creating a festive display board that thanks to its obvious seasonality, will make taking the whole thing down less grippingly sentimental, and instead a simple seasonal farewell. Bye bye card from grandma, sorry but the calendar made me do it. See you next year!

    The only tools you need are scissors and a staple gun, and it takes all of five minutes from start to finish. Click below for the step by step instructions to create your own holiday card display board!

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  • Three Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Table Upgrades

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    I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time ever, and it's the first time I'm entertaining in my new house. We purchased our first home seven months ago and it's been seemingly endless renovation projects since. We're still nowhere close to finished, but it's beginning to look and feel more like home. The kitchen is a total eyesore and we'll gut and renovate it eventually (hopefully soon) but for now those poorly, poorly faux-finished Western-themed (???) cabinets are here to stay. So is the laminate flooring, countertops, enormous 80's refrigerator with the broken ice maker, and all the beige on beige on beige.

    As a designer of tabletop/kitchen products living with a kitchen that is this bad is a daily pseudo-spiritual practice of acceptance and letting go. This is my kitchen now. This is my life now. People are traveling to join me for Thanksgiving at my house, and that's all pretty spectacular, even if my kitchen is anything but. I'm embracing the ease that comes from letting go and opting to bring that same vibe to the table. Let's keep it simple, beautiful, and thoughtful, not fussy. Life now is certainly not fussy.

    These three quick tips will help you set a pretty Thanksgiving table that takes almost no time and money, but will still make the meal special for your guests-- and for you, because you deserve it too.

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